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Here at Hagan Health, we are committed to providing excellent mental healthcare. We have a specialized team of clinicians who will communicate together to bring about a better and deeper understanding of the patient.

Depression is a condition of suffering that is significantly different from other areas of mental illness. Utilizing the most modern & evidence-based approaches, we will do everything in our power to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life you deserve.

Utilizing the Best with NeuroStar TMS 

Non Invasive Procedure

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is a completely painless and non-surgical procedure. No anesthesia is required.

NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is a patented TMS technology that utilizes a magnetic coil to stimulate regions of the brain associated with depression symptoms.

We have found it tremendously helpful in helping resolve depression for those with treatment-resistant depression who have failed to get help from anti-depressant medications.

No Drug Side Effects

TMS Therapy is free of pharmaceutical intervention. After a session is over, you can confidently return to any regular daily activity such as work or school.

Covered By Insurance

Most insurance companies will help cover the cost of your NeuroStar Advanced Therapy. Find out more by contacting us today.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

Except Passport and Medicaid

More About NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS

Backed By Research

During a NeuroStar Advanced Therapy treatment session, a magnet similar in strength to that used in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is used to stimulate nerve cells in the area of the brain thought to control mood. These magnetic pulses may have a positive effect on the brain’s neurotransmitter levels, making long-term remission possible.

Trusted By Professionals

Since the FDA clearance of NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS in 2008, insurance coverage for eligible patients has increased significantly. Currently, there are over 60 coverage polices for NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS, including most Medicare contractors. Although NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS is not a first line of treatment, it is an alternative option for those who are not responding to or cannot tolerate medications. Call us today.

Visit for indications for use and safety information. *Practice Reported Patient Outcomes.

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More and more, people are setting aside any stigma related to mental health, and instead, they are seeking out expert help in their ongoing efforts to improve themselves. We like to develop collaborative relationships with our patients and clients, such that our role is to discuss options and alternatives with those who are fully capable of making their own decisions about their own lives.

On sensitive issues, we are not here to judge but rather to understand and to help.


Here at Hagan Health, we are committed to providing excellent mental healthcare.

4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 202,

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